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Argentinean. Born in Santiago de Chile.


2015 - 23  Gaby Horvat Jewelery Atelier.

2022 Workshop "String of pearls"  Laura Licandro, Taller Eloi

2021  Workshop "Cold assemblies". Cristian Kiseno, Taller Estudio Joya

2020  Workshop “Clasp Systems”. Estudio Joya.

          Workshop “ Jewelry wax settings”. Estudio joya.

2019  Workshop “Questions of Jewelery”,Caroline Broadhead, Taller Eloi.

          Workshop “Jewelry photography for social networks”, Ezequiel Rivera, Estudio Joya

2018  Workshop “Creative processes” , Nuria Marques

2017  Workshop “Polymer Clay”, Sandra Pulgar

2016  Workshop “Electroformed”, Rafael Hernandez

2015  Workshop on metal enameling, Atelier Eloi

          Workshop "Memories of a garment on the body", Rodrigo Acosta.

2014 -15  Textile experimentation atelier, Silvina Romero.

2013  Workshop "Design of jewelry in paper", Luis Acosta.

2013 -16  Paula Botto Jewelery atelier.

2011   Origami textile I and II, Romina Goranzky.

2010   "Kumilumo", Norma Rinaudo.

2007   Workshop  “Modeling in wax and its application to the foundry of metals",

           Antonio Pujía.

2002 - 03   Painting atelier, Adolfo Nigro.

1988 - 1993   Ceramic atelier "Gente de Barro", Marta Kearns.

My story

I started with my hands in the clay, without worrying about the size or volume of what I wanted to create. And it was after a long journey, in which I met wonderful artists and teachers, that I discovered the possibility of working in small format with wax. I could continue sculpting and modeling with the benefit of being able to wear my pieces.  

It was, and continues to be, a one way trip full of discoveries and experiments. In which I incorporated new materials such as paper, which was transformed into my raw material  I enjoy every moment, even the most difficult ones. Every ring, every necklace, every jewel is a bit of me and my story. It was about time to share it.

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